Modern Living Room Ideas You Need to Try

If you want to refresh this room, check out some modern living room ideas. They may give you another look at remodeling that much-needed space.

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Trends come and go, but the living room continues to be one of the most popular rooms of the home.

If you already know, some of the popular modern Living Room ideas for 2023 include the return of bold and bright colors, natural materials also are preferred. Closed floor plans are back in style along with mixed finishes and more lighting.

Although this year’s decorating trends will be different, they all have the potential to bring a sense of beauty, comfort and style to your home.

Modern living room ideas

Curved and rounded furniture are still fashionable, but many interior designers are not using them lately. They prefer to return to simpler classic silhouettes of furniture.

modern living room design ideas

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As you’ll see below, most of these modern living room ideas will work well in almost any room in the house and with almost any decorating style, which is what makes them easy to adapt to your home.

Luxury furnishings or luxuriously furnished?

Luxury living and a different way of thinking are some of the things that excite a lot of people and you will come across this trend often throughout the year.

A refined lifestyle does not necessarily mean luxurious or expensive. Rather, it is an approach to the way we decorate and live. This includes creating spaces that appear opulent, refined and almost timeless.

modern living room design ideas

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The luxurious look does not apply to glamorous, shiny or mirrored spaces. Rather, you’ll see rooms filled with warmth, well-chosen accents, plush seating, soft rugs, multi-layered lighting, and plush cushions.

living room and pillows

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You can try to interpret this design style in a modern space through light neutral tones, clean elements and fabrics such as silk, linen and velvet.

living room pillows

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Living room ideas and the return of colors

Last few years, we constantly come across interior designs in a neutral color range and living room ideas based on a similar range. This year will see more bright and shiny colors.

A luxurious palette of rich colors, soothing shades of green and blue and warm earth tones will dominate.

modern living room design ideas

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You may decide to try this trend through wallpaper by adding texture, using a bright color on the walls, or simply by adding a few pops of color to the living room.

modern living room design ideas

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When it comes to the bedroom, you can try bedding in different colors, not just monochrome. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing different patterns!

Linings of natural stone and other natural materials

Natural stone cladding makes a great contribution to interior design and also adds texture to the overall look.

living room with travertine wall

Some of the most popular stone flooring include travertine, marble, exotic granite, steatite (soapstone), limestone, and other natural materials. The combination of wood with epoxy resin as we see in the photo below is still popular.

coffee table

It is possible to incorporate these materials as a coffee table, countertops, kitchen backsplash, flooring, and countless other home decorations.

Mixed finishes with a metallic accent

Mixing metallic finishes is a great way to add an interesting and contemporary look to your kitchen or bathroom.

More and more often, people start to mix and match metal finishes, not only in the kitchen and bathroom, but also throughout the home, on surfaces, door handles, light fixture moldings, etc.

kitchen sink

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Whether you’re going for a chic, modern or classic look, mixing metals will add visual interest to your home.

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