L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island (layout)

The L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island can be adapted to suit any size room.

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In smaller homes the Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island won’t take up too much space, and in larger properties with open-plan kitchen-dining areas, an L-shaped kitchen provides ample storage space without overwhelming the space.

When designing a L-shaped kitchen, it’s essential to consider the ‘work triangle’ – the position of the oven, sink and fridge to allow you to easily move between tasks.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island Design and Ideas

L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island

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An L-shape works especially well when tucked into the corner of a room because it maintains an open-plan feel and doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island

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Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets look good for L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island

The L-shaped kitchen is suitable for housing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The perfect place to store all your household appliances, these cabinets will keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island

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Don’t be afraid to add color to your kitchen ideas

Although kitchens are primarily functional spaces, L-shaped designs offer a great opportunity to experiment with color. Since the cabinets are only on two walls, you can experiment with brighter shades without overwhelming the space.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

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Pastel kitchens offer a subtle alternative to neutrals and work well in small spaces because the soft hues help maintain a light and airy feel that will carry over the rest of the room.

Adapt an L-shaped kitchen to create a multifunctional space

кL Shaped Kitchen

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As more and more of us work from home, designing a desk space at the end of your kitchen is a practical idea, especially if you don’t have a pre-designated home office space. And everything will be at your fingertips ;)11

Check out the ideas below to give you some inspiration

Kitchen Layout With Island

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Kitchen Layout

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L Shaped Kitchen Layout With Island

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