Wooden joinery, advantages and disadvantages

Our well-known wooden joinery is not old-fashioned, nowadays it is still widely used. The strength and durability of wooden windows depends on the material, design and quality of the connections.

They must ensure the constancy of the shape and size of the product elements in case of possible changes in the moisture content of the wood in the process of operation. This is achieved in particular by gluing and lining the parts and strengthening the connections.

Wooden joinery

In its production, glues, paints, varnishes, metal parts (fittings, connections, springs, screws, as well as nails, bolts, etc.), as well as plastic, rubber, and glass parts are widely used.

The beauty and strength of Wooden joinery is unparalleled

Wooden joinery

The aesthetic qualities of a wooden frame depend on:

  • the choice of color and texture of the wood of the front parts;
  • from the quality of the protective-decorative coatings;
  • from the technology used to make the joinery.

Its design should also allow mechanization of all stages of production.

The advantages of wooden joinery

Wooden joinery

  • Beautiful appearance;
  • High degree of strength;
  • Ideal thermal insulation;
  • Possibility of applying various decorative elements;
  • Natural and renewable building material;
  • Environmental solution;
  • Long service life.

What are the disadvantages of a wooden window?

ОWooden joinery

Having pointed out its advantages, it is natural to ask whether it also has disadvantages. If the finish on a wooden frame is not properly maintained over the years, it can become damaged or worn out over time. But a skilled carpenter can always bring it back to near-new condition. This means that she needs to be looked after from time to time.

Wood is vulnerable to water. Moisture can damage woodwork and seep into the wood below, causing splitting and swelling. But quality-made wooden joinery is impregnated and protected in a special way from the penetration of moisture into it, so bet on good workmanship.

Wooden joinery

It should be noted that in some cases it is more expensive than PVC joinery. This is determined by the type of wood used and the specific design. There are wood joinery which is unique in appearance and therefore has higher costs. In this case, it plays an important role in the interior of the home, creating a feeling of luxury and connection with nature.

A short video for the curious, how the wooden joinery is made.

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