Modern Roman Bathroom Design Ideas

Roman architecture is unique and unrepeatable, and a modern Roman bathroom design would add a touch of luxury and history to your home. Sophisticated and elegant, it has left a bright mark on the world’s cultural heritage, which we still admire today.

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A special place in it is occupied by the so-called Roman bath, which, thanks to its unique style and elegance, will transport you to the era of the rich and great rulers of the glorious Roman past.

Modern Roman bathroom design ideas

римска баня

A mandatory requirement in the design and construction of a modern Roman bathroom is that it be spacious and bright. For this reason, a large and high room is necessary for it, as was the case in the Roman Empire in the past. The correct selection of colors, which should be natural, is essential – light pastel tones of beige, cream, yellow and green can be successfully intertwined with very pale shades of pink and gray, and the effect of this interweaving is amazing.

римска баня

The space in the Roman style bathrooms depends not only on the size of the rooms and the color range used, but also on the way the ceiling will be made. The idea is to design it so as not to shrink the room, but to increase the sense of space even more.

The tub, a basic element in every modern Roman bathroom

римска баня

Important thing for a modern Roman bathroom is the presence of a bathtub. It can be located in the middle of the room or in a niche specially built for the purpose. In addition to it, furniture for personal hygiene in a suitable color must be present – cabinets, dressing tables and washbasins.

Keep in mind to focus on lighting

Lighting is also one of the important things to pay attention to. Depending on whether it is selected correctly, it can shrink or expand the room even more. Very often, backlighting on the mirrors is added to the main lighting, which makes the reflected light even brighter.

римска баня

Very often, the Romans placed textile elements in their bathrooms, which contribute to the creation of even greater coziness and warmth of the room.

As for the wall and floor covering, it is best to bet on ceramic tiles in pastel warm colors, on which the light spills completely naturally. The amazing columns, an integral part of Roman architecture, will look wonderful if they are covered in small marble tiles in the right color. And why not beautifully painted walls with scenes of Roman life in the past?

Here are some interesting facts and questions related to the Roman bath and its history.

What is a Roman style bathroom these days?

In the case of a Roman bath, the bath must be luxurious, it is larger than a standard bath and is usually deeper and wider. One should be able to sit in it and immerse oneself in water up to one’s neck. Roman baths today often boast beautiful plumbing systems that add to their elegance. Also, stone columns (or decorative ones) are often present in the interior, which further contribute to the look of a medieval Roman bath.

What did the Romans use instead of soap?

Even the Greeks and Romans, who pioneered the harnessing of running water and the construction of public baths, did not use soap to clean their bodies. Instead, men and women dipped in the water and anointed their bodies with fragrant olive oils. They used a scraper called a strigil (comb) to remove the remaining oil and impurity from the body.

чесало римска баня

Photo by: Metropolitan Museum of Art, CC0, / Wikimedia Commons

How often did the Romans bathe?

римска баня

Bathing is introduced into Italy from the Greece empire towards the end of the third century BC. The early Romans washed their hands and feet almost daily, which were dirty from work, but they only washed their whole bodies one time every nine or ten days.

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