Polyurethane foam insulation

Have you heard of thermal insulation with polyurethane foam, instead of the standard insulation with styrofoam (expanded polystyrene)?

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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their homes and strive to turn them into warm and cozy places to live. The right decoration and arrangement of the home is likely to contribute to coziness. But it is not quite enough to bring that much-desired warmth during the long winter months. A good insulation is needed to keep the heat in the room.

Polyurethane foam insulation for your home

And, although polyurethane foam insulation has been used in construction for many years, even today it does not stop being a hit. It’s advantages are numerous.

It is a good insulating material that will stop moisture and mold and will also protect  the building materials. This is because it fulfills the worthy role of a barrier between them and atmospheric conditions.

Quality of the polyurethane material

The high insulating ability that polyurethane foam has makes it a suitable and reliable insulation. It is able to keep the required amount of heat in the premises. The higher  R/m2 value – better insulation.

High-quality polyurethane foam stops air and moisture, which makes it suitable for external insulation of buildings. And let’s not forget its water resistance, which is another advantage over other insulation materials. Placed on the outside of the building, it will save the owners a substantial portion of the costs they pay for the electricity consumed to heat their homes.

polyurethane foam insulation

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Even non-professionals can work with it. With the help of a special gun, the required layer can be applied. After that, the necessary part is cut to obtain a smooth base. This polyurethane foam is a material that is able to fill even the smallest cracks and holes.

A material that is suitable for use anywhere in the home – for floor insulation, for roof repairs, for the installation of window frames to smooth out the imperfections that occurred after the dismantling of the old one.

polyurethane foam insulation

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In addition to all these advantages, we can say that polyurethane foam is also soundproof – another reason for it to be among the most preferred insulation materials.

With so many advantages, how could this insulation material not become a hit? Even if it has been used for more than 50 years, new materials would hardly replace this product, which has a number of positive qualities.

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