Feng Shui Ideas For A Small Home

Feng Shui Ideas for a Small Home: Small spaces like studio apartments may seem like it would be difficult to apply feng shui.

But fear not! Small living spaces can also have good feng shui. Here are our top feng shui tips for your small apartment and some options to consider from the list: separate areas, bedroom, dining room, office room, light, minimalism.

Feng Shui Ideas

Идеи за Фън Шуй

In feng shui it is helpful to have areas that are somewhat separated to create a balance between yin and yang. Yang spaces are more active and public, such as a living room or office. While the yin space is oriented towards rest, like the bedroom for example. One of the biggest challenges with small apartments, especially studios or one-room apartments, is that everything happens in the same space.

Идеи за Фън Шуй

If possible, try to create separate zones (yang and yin), spaces in the apartment. In general, separation can be done in different ways: walls, shelves, curtains, carpets.

Determine The Entrance

Идеи за Фън Шуй

The entryway of your home is called the mouth of chi because it is where energy enters your space. In a smaller apartment, the front door may be right in the middle of the kitchen or living room, without any type of defined entrance or foyer.

Just do your best to try and create a designated area for the foyer/hallway. Here are some suggestions:

  • Paint the door in a contrasting color;
  • Use a doormat to form an entry point;
  • Place a mirror to cleverly expand the entry area;
  • Use a divider to create a foyer.

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

Идеи за Фън Шуй спалня

The most private space in your home is the bedroom. If possible, do your best to use typical feng shui bedroom suggestions.

Many owners of studio apartments have Murphy beds or sofa beds.

Идеи за Фън Шуй

Also, it is best if you can visually separate the sleeping area from any work area. If you are in bed and can see your workplace, it can affect your ability to rest. If possible, try to separate the living area as well.

Feng Shui Dining Room Ideas

Идеи за Фън Шуй кухня

A designated dining area is often overlooked. In feng shui, the place where you will cook your dishes need to be friendship. If there is no place to eat, you may end up eating on your bed, at your desk or in front of the TV. We can all agree that these are probably not the best places to eat.

Feng Shui Workplace Ideas

Идеи за Фън Шуй

If you work from home, try to place the desk in a key position. If you don’t have a separate work area, that’s not a problem. When working at home, set yourself up properly and comfortably while working to focus and be productive.

Then remember to put everything away when your work hours are over. This is especially important if you have trouble maintaining a good work-life balance.

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