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Home-designs.net General Terms of Use

These general terms and conditions govern the terms of use of home-designs.net, hereinafter for short “the website / Operator”.

By using the Website, the user agrees to these general terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the same, you should refrain from using the Website.

1. Intellectual Property

1.1. All intellectual property rights regarding the information resources and content of the website are exercised by the Operator. They are protected by the Copyright Act and related rights, and any use of content from the Website without the consent of the Operator is a violation of the law, which may result in civil, administrative criminal or criminal liability.

1.2. In the case of copying or reproduction of information outside of the permitted, as well as in case of any other violation of intellectual property rights on the Operator’s resources, the Operator has the right to claim compensation for the direct and indirect damages suffered in full.

1.3. Text materials (articles) can be used only by explicitly mentioning the source with a link to it without “nofollow” and “noreferrer” attributes.

1.4. All graphic images in the articles are protected by a license and their use is possible only with the express consent of the Operator.

2. Limitation of Liability

2.1. The operator takes the necessary measures to keep the content of the Website up-to-date, but is not responsible for the actual up-to-dateness of the same.

The website makes no claims, promises or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the content of the website and we expressly disclaim any liability for errors or omissions in its content.

If you find recommendations or advice in the articles posted on the pages of home-designs.net, it is your responsibility to follow them, and the Operator expressly disclaims responsibility for any damages arising directly or indirectly from them.

In this regard, the Operator is not liable for damages, including direct and indirect damages, including lost profits, that a user of the Website would incur under any circumstances related to the published content of the Website and access to it. By using the Website, users assume all risks associated therewith, including any risk to users’ end devices, software or data.

2.2. To the extent that the content of the Website contains links to content located outside the same, the user is aware of the fact that the Operator has no control over the same and is not responsible for the consequences of activating links leading outside the Website.

2.3. The operator is not responsible for malicious actions by third parties to which the user may become subject when using the Website. The User uses the Website at his own risk.

2.4. The operator does not guarantee the constant and uninterrupted functionality of the website, the services offered and the technical support.

2.5. The operator is not responsible for the content of pages containing links to home-designs.net.

3. User registration

3.1. At the moment, the Operator does not provide users with the ability to register and create profiles, which would allow them to access special content.

3.2. If, however, due to a security breach in the system, such profiles are created, they are considered malicious and will be deleted promptly, along with the content they generated. The operator is not responsible for such malicious actions and for direct or indirect consequences.

4. Others

4.1. The operator reserves the right to amend these general conditions, and at any moment the current conditions for use of the Website will be published on the same.

4.2. The provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to all unresolved questions from these General Terms and Conditions.

These general conditions have been prepared with the help of obshti-uslovia.com

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